Class Notes


Examination Committee

The Examination committee is an apex body of the college, headed by the Controller of the Examinations to facilitate the smooth conduct of various examinations of the students. The main functions of this Committee are; proper conduct of the examinations, publications of results and proper maintenance of the records. Every academic semester has two internal examinations prior to the university examination. The committee keeps record of each and every issue related to the examinations with responsibility and vigilance.

Women Development Cell

The College has an active Women Development Cell which functions for the well-being of the girl students to empower them. WDC encourages the students to participate in women welfare programs and shape them into responsible and self-built women of tomorrow. The Cell organizes Seminars and training sessions for the students and also arranges out-reach programmes to enhance their overall development.

Social Service Club

Don Bosco College gives much importance to social activities to increase the social awareness of the students. We have wide range of social service programmes on the campus and outside the campus to get the students involved in the social life situations. It also helps them to develop their social skills as well as grooms their personality in accordance with the needs of the society

Bio Diversity Club

The Bio-diversity Club is a student club for pre-professional, Under Graduate students interested in biodiversity and conservation. The Club seeks to interact with the scientific community to enhance their educational growth, recreational needs, and personal development. Biodiversity Club has bi-weekly meetings for the purposes of discussing conservation and biodiversity related topics in a social setting. In addition, they also have educational seminars and afforestation activities to create awareness about the importance of biodiversity.

Literary Club

The college literary club encourages the students to develop their creativity and literary skills. The club organizes competitions for literary events like debates, elocution, recitation, and the like within the college. They also display notices regarding inter and Intra literary events and encourages students to participate in the different events.

Sports Club

The College has an active Sports Club trying to develop the interest of the students in sports and games. The schedule of events for the whole academic year is planned well in advance in consultation with the Principal and is implemented during the course of the year. It is also responsible for the arrangement of the sports Day, conducting games competitions, taking the students for university meets and the like.

Arts Committee

The Arts Club is responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the College. They plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year in consultation with the principal. They also organize arts day and other celebrations on the campus.